Different ways to use your Mood Management Oil Blends

😍 Different ways to use your Mood Management Oil Blends!
💧 These amazing blends form the Mood Management kit, and all four are so beautiful and powerful in their own right.
⭐️ Adding a few drops to a spritzer bottle with water and a pinch of salt as a disperser, can really change the energy within you and around you.
🌸 Aura spray - all of these are potent auric cleansing blends with a simple spritz around your body and above your head, allowing the mist to envelop you, can change up your energy and lift your mood in powerful ways!
⭐️ Room spray - to change up the stagnant energy or feeling of a space or room, spray with intention of cleaning, cleansing and clearing, and all of them do different jobs of what you are wishing to create and achieve.
🌸 Pillow and bedding spray - to freshen up linen the uplifting ones of Elevation and Citrus Bliss during the day, but when it’s time for sleep, suggest spritzing Serenity/Lavender Peace and Balance for a good night sleep.
⭐️ Car and Toilet fresheners - simply spritz in your car to replace those toxic magic trees🤢 and leave your favourite in the toilet to replace the chemical synthetic will have people commenting how nice the loo spray is!
🌸 Have fun spritzing these amazing blends in a different way.

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