Want to enhance your Garlic into a mouthgasmic yoghurt dressing?

GARLIC LOVERS! Where are you?  

I want to share with you a secret and simple recipe we’ve been making for years and years after trying it at a upmarket restaurant….the waiter gave us this secret! 

So firstly grab about 3-4 cloves of garlic, then add in a few good big pinches of salt, I used Celtic. Like more than you’d usually use! 

Then you mortar and pestle it to release the juices, and the salt brings out the KAPOW flavour. 

Leave it for about an hour or so to really imbue, then stir it through a bowl of Greek style yoghurt. 

We love to have it over roast veges usually, but seriously once you make this it will become a firm favourite, it’s that good! 


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