Reclaim your Energy Reset

We are thrilled to help you in cultivating healthy habits in our 21 day Reclaim your Energy Reset! Before joining the group, we want to ensure you have all the necessary products. To start the 21-day challenge on April 8th, please make sure you have the following, and order in the month of March:

You’ll need to order:


To ensure you have your products in time for the reset, make sure you process your order by MARCH 20th, 2024. For wholesale customers and wellness advocates not currently receiving 30% loyalty rewards, a 100pv LRP in March allows them to take part in the Loyalty Rewards Booster Program (with only a 100pv or above order in April and May required to complete the booster program and receive 30% loyalty rewards for all purchases from March 2024 onwards)!

Once you have your products and are ready to join, message us for the entry link.

Winners: Once the 21 Day Reset is complete (April 28th), and the final survey is completed by participants, we will announce the winners. With the Reset complete, and participants celebrated, we can encourage everyone who participated and benefited to share the products with their family and friends. We will provide information about how to share, so participants can confidently enroll, helping as many people as possible to receive the benefits of these amazing products, whilst supporting sharers to earn money in the process!

The prizes will be (AUD): 
1st place $1000
2nd place $500
3rd place $250

Register here to let us know you'll be joining so we can send you the registration link

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