Mullein Tea

Have you heard of Mullein tea?  

For a few years, I’ve been seeing this plant on various natural health sites and groups that I’m in. People wild harvesting it and making all sorts of tonics and drying the plant for medicinal use.  

It also grows prolifically all over the world and now has been found to have huge medicinal benefits, namely for respiratory and lung health!  
I’d been searching for a while to purchase some, but no one stocked it, until I found it on, where I’ve bought some other great teas from in the past.  

So you steep it (leave sitting in boiling water for 30 minutes at least…the longer the better) and sip a cup full when ready through the day.  

You can also smoke the leaf too apparently as it gives great benefits to the lungs, which seems ironic really, but apparently according to countless people who’ve tried it, say yes indeed it does…more like a vapour than a smoke as such. 

I am always learning about new ways to support our wellbeing through natures wonderful plants, be it oils, tinctures, teas and remedy’s.

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