Peppermint Cooling Spray

This simple to make cooling spray, featuring the very powerful Peppermint oil , is a quick trick to cool you down on a hot day, or if you are experiencing, as we heard from a lady in one of our classes years ago....a " tropical holiday for one " (Hot flushes)! Â đŸ”„ đŸ”„ đŸ”„Â  We suggest keeping it in the fridge for maximum effect! 

Elderberry Tonic

These potent & wonderful berries have been used for centuries for keeping humans healthy, they have so much goodness within them, and the bonus is they taste good as well. Here is a simple to make recipe that stores well in the fridge for months, I recommend to have a tablespoon quite often as a preventative, or to use when boosting your immune system back t...