Simple Solutions starter pack

Simple Solutions Starter Pack

Perfect for so many simple uses around the home, here's why this kit rocks and why these 4 items can do so much for you.

On Guard (Protective blend)

* Protective against seasonal threats, diffuse around the home and office to stop the cycle of lurgies coming back! Also can be ingested in a small amount of water, just 1-2 drops gargle and swallow for that scratchy throat feeling. Also apply to soles of the feet when feeling unwell!
* Non toxic cleaning - add a few drops into a spray bottle, add water and use as a surface spray or hand sanitiser. Also wonderful into your mop bucket to do your floors, just a few drops with some Castile soap.

* Clean and cleanse - toys, benches, floors, bathrooms, steering wheels, hands, trolleys ANYTHING! 


* Reduce symptoms of mild arthritis/mild osteoarthritis - rub onto problem areas with some fractionated coconut oil and a few drops of lemon oil.

* Improve immune system function - diffuse or add a few drops into your glass or stainless steel water bottle and drink throughout the day.

* Reduce the severity of symptoms of common colds and flu - perfect for robust immunity...also combined with On Guard blend.

* A wonderful de-greaser for cleaning around the home...gets sticky stuff off in a flash.

Lavender Peace (Restful Blend)

* Emotional support - apply a few drops to your wrists and rub together and inhale. Diffuse throughout the day to calm the farm.

* Sleep - diffuse for a wonderful soothing sleep! Also add a few drops into a cup of magnesium flakes and enjoy a bath or foot soak.

* Support anxious feelings - apply to pulse points and wrists throughout the day, or inhale from the bottle when needed.

Ice Blue Rub

* Provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas - apply a small amount and rub in well, then wash hands thoroughly after.

* Yoga/massage/gym - apply before or after activity to soothe achy muscles.

These are just some uses, but dont be afraid to try and experiment with these potent and pure essential oils, to improve your life and your families, reducing the chemicals and toxins in your home and bodies!

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