Myrrh and gum health

I visited the dentist last week and got some minor work done, and was reminded to get back into the habit of this ancient method once more.

Oil pulling brings out toxins, improves oral health, destroys harmful bacteria and leaves your mouth and gums clean, fresh and healthy!

So combine this technique with MYRRH oil and you’ve got a powerhouse duo!

Did you know Myrrh is one of the oils in our On guard toothpaste? 
So how do you do it?

Take a heaped teaspoon amount of good quality coconut oil, and add 3 drops of Myrrh to it, place into your mouth and allow it to melt, and then swizzle and swizzle until you can’t swizzle no more!

At least 8 minutes and longer if you can. Then most importantly SPIT IT OUTSIDE OR INTO A BIN… not swallow or spit down the sink, as it will harden and solidify in your pipes!
Happy oil pulling.

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