About John & Noel

John met his life partner and wellness collaborator Noel in 1994, and they embarked on a global discovery of mindfulness, sound therapy, essential oils and raw chocolate. Together they are building a global network empowered by holistic understanding and choices.

Our Lifestyle

Working with dōTERRA affords us the lifestyle of our dreams. We spend 6 months of the year in Australia, and the other 6 months in Italy, from where we help people on a global scale.
Whether you’re seeking a natural alternative to managing your health or are looking to create financial freedom, our supportive and nurturing team are here to help people.
Join our dōTERRA team and start your wellness journey today.

Our Passions

Here at Shantistar, we have a passion for Italy, superfoods, espresso martinis, technology, natural health solutions and essential oils. As world travellers, meditators and sharers of love, we strongly believe life balance is the key to maintaining a state of happiness and wellbeing. We aim to inspire others with our holistic approach to life; helping them to discover the extensive benefits of pure essential oils and natural products.
The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a visual representation of the connection of life that flows through all sentient beings.
This symbol, which dates back to ancient Egypt, shows us that we are all connected and that we support each other in every step through life. Similar to how one petal of the flower becomes a petal of the next flower, when we reach out and connect, we allow the greatest flow of energy, support, and love! For this reason, we have chosen The Flower of Life as our logo. It resonates with the interconnected way we live our lives and support our growing dōTERRA Team.