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Welcome to your space of healing and wellness.

At Shantistar, we are dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain a state of well being. By focusing on good habits, a healthy diet, and effectively managing stress, we can create a more happy and balanced life.

We invite you on a journey to restore balance in your life, create stability and enjoy natural alternatives to managing your health.
Learn more about the healing abilites of essential oils, natural solutions and meditation.

Discover healthy superfoods and deliciously tantalizing raw cacao recipes.

We hope you will enjoy your stay.

John & Noel

Free Cacao Recipes

Enjoy the benefits of cacao as a superfood with these super easy and quick recipes from Cacao Addict.

We Are Shantistar

John Croft

Myself and my partner Noel have been immersed in the natural health world for over 30 years. I grew up in Western Australia, in an Italian/Austrian family. My love for good food was instilled by my mother who always prepared the most fresh and amazing meals for us – and still does. When I left school I wanted to travel the world, meet great people in exotic places, and go on adventures. I was interested in the healing arts, and decided to pursue a career in disability work.

Looking back, it all makes sense where we have ended up now.

I believe that food is medicine, and the healing power of food interests me immensely. I believe that food should be adventurous, tantalizing and enjoyable. My love of exotic places and travel has opened me up to woderful spices, smells, tastes and ingredients from faraway places.

Noel Blanchard

I grew up in rural areas of Western Australia and travelled the state extensively with my family. Before training in Hypnotherapy and NLP, I completed a chef apprenticeship and, in what now feels like a previous life, was also a commercial real estate agent.

I have always been interested in spirituality and how living a natural well-balanced and healthy lifestyle, can help align the mind, body and spirit. We facilitate regular meditations, raw chocolate classes, and deliver a massage technique utilising dōTERRA’s essential oils, called Aromatouch.

John and I strive to create a community of togetherness, wellness, inspiration, and have an holistic approach to living a balanced life. Our bigger vision is to educate and empower people to learn about options, choices and a better way of living, that involves a network of connection, great chocolate, pure essential oils, sound and helping to change mindset, on what we ALL can achieve in this life.

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