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healing and wellness

At Shantistar, we are dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain a state of well being. By focusing on good habits, a healthy diet, and effectively managing stress, we can create a more happy and balanced life.
We invite you on a journey to restore balance in your life, create stability and enjoy natural alternatives to managing your health. Learn more about the healing abilities of essential oils, natural solutions and meditation.
Discover healthy superfoods and deliciously tantalising raw cacao recipes.
We hope you will enjoy your stay.

John & Noel
I have been working with Noel and John in my doTERRA business for 
over three years now and have always found them to be so generous with their time, advice and love for their team.

 I have often sought their advice on a matter regarding my team and they always provide me with wise business advice. 

Their approach to their team is very inclusive and supportive and I thank them for everything they have done to help me. 

Plus they’re really awesome guys! 

Sarah Rolfe