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dōTERRA MetaPWR Testimonials


20th Oct

I'm 5 weeks on MetaPWR, for me the results are
  • Reduced 7kg 
  • Before starting on our regular 4km walks, I needed to stop at the 2km mark and adjust my kneecap as it felt like bone on bone.It was at about week 3 when I suddenly realized that I was no longer needing to do that 
  • I've noticed that my balding hair has started to thicken up a bit and I wish I'd taken a photo before I started!! 
  • My skin is feeling a lot softer and the elasticity of it feels a lot better  


Dry skin

Check out this testimonial! For those of you who have shared you no longer have dry elbows, this is exciting for skin health! 



Day 7
I woke up this morning and realized my hands were not all closed and cramped up. I literally sat on the edge of my bed and cried tears of joy.

I have very uncomfortable discomfort in my joints and especially my hands. I currently am not on any meds for it so I have really been struggling with it daily.

So to wake up without having to pry my fingers open from my palm is an absolute miracle that I am rejoicing about.

What am I doing or what I have I changed? It’s been a week today since I started taking our new MetaPWR Metabolic products. I am using the Softgels after breakfast and lunch, the supplement with dinner and the Advantage (Collagen) in the morning with a couple of drops of the Metabolic blend.
Oh and I have lost 7 pounds too! Now I know some of that is water.  I haven’t retaken my measurements yet but I am hoping while my daughter is here we can check them. But, I just am feeling better and am loving all the benefits that I am experiencing!



MetaPWR for the win!!! I’ve been suffering with TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) a horrible iatrogenic condition for over 5 years. This is 3 weeks on MetaPWR!! Thank you dōTERRA for giving sufferer’s hope and healing


Sugar spikes

My month-long experiment is done. My life-long healing has just begun. 

My continual glucose monitor company just emailed me my month-end results and I can hardly believe what I saw on my screen:
I monitored for one week before trying the brand new metaPWR system dōTERRA just released. I started using it daily to on week 2.

The results:
(see graphs)

Let me explain the other data charts. I stacked 3 individual days for comparison:
  • Sept 14- No MetaPWR usage
  • Sept 29- 1 week on MetaPWR
  • Oct 14- 3.5 weeks on MetaPWR
I expected to see some improvements. I did NOT expect to see such dramatic improvement and to see that my results would compound so much week over week. (Mind BLOWN)

When you start using this system, be patient in assessing results. Watch to see what you notice a month or two in. Let your body do its thing and take its time to recalibrate. Tiny changes over time turn into massive impact.

The Lord is sovereign over my health and yours but today I’m grateful for a new tool that’s enjoyable, easy, natural, and clean and I’m very excited to think about the long-term payout this one change will bring in my life. 

*FAQ: Did I change my eating plan? No. I’m a fan of healthy food choices but not a fan of restrictive diets or meal replacements etc and I also wanted real data focused on these products so I intentionally avoided making any specific changes. I do have more appetite control and sugar and caffeine cravings are gone but that’s been a natural result of the MetaPWR. I still enjoy some carbs and treats here and there like before.