Digest ZEN - The must have for all things tummy related!

Digest ZEN - A must have blend for all things tummy related!

Bloating, upset stomach, nausea support while providing better gastrointestinal health, Digest ZEN does it all and more.

Whenever we travel or live abroad, this oil blend is always close at hand, it has saved us many a time when being in countries with not so hygienic sanitary systems, eating different cultures foods or just having too much of a good time at the degustation menu!

With a carefully thought out blend of oils like Peppermint, Ginger, Caraway, Anise, Fennel and more, they all work beautifully within the body and the digestive system.

There are a few simple tricks to help ease some common digestive discomforts listed below

🔷 As all of the oils in this blend are food grade quality, add one drop to your glass of water if you are feeling any digestive discomfort, or calm anxious feelings in the tummy.

🔷 Rub 1-2 drops onto your belly with some carrier oil (we recommend Fractionated coconut oil) and rub in a clockwise direction for a few minutes.

🔷 Apply 1-2 drops onto your wrists and rub together to ease feelings of nausea and queasiness.

🔷 Add 1-2 drops into your glass or stainless steel water bottle for digestive support throughout the day.

🔷 Or simply just inhale out of the bottle, as the aroma will quickly settle your stomach too.

🔷 We also love it as a cup of tea, apply 2 drops to a cup of hot water (cooled a bit) and sip.

This amazing blend is part of the Home Essentials kit, purely for taming all things digestive.

Let's get started!

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