dōTERRA and oncology research

We're catching up on watching the dōTERRA convention replay and are excited to see how natural health and dōTERRA are becoming part of the treatment in oncology with a new 10-year agreement for research between a Kentucky oncology centre and dōTERRA.

Part of what they are working on together is treating the person and lifestyle during and after treatment. The 6 storey new centre that they are opening in late 2020 is currently planning the new holistic programs including essential oils, healthy eating, yoga and mindfulness.

This has been made possible because the doctor behind the centre is a cancer survivor and understands it's not just about treating the tumour, it's about treating the whole person and working around them rather than the patient working around the doctors and treatments.

These are some of the reasons why we proudly work alongside dōTERRA, if partnering with a company that makes these kinds of investments in health and well-being is something you'd like to know more about then   Book a call with us

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