Easy Air, Spikenard and Wild Orange

🦋 So......looking at today's list of things that are needed to get done and in what order!!!
💧 This blend I chose today is calming, balancing, is allowing my mind to just chill and focus, keeping everything in a nice space of gratitude.
🌲 Easy Air/Breathe - Usually a respiratory system support blend of oils, but I also use it to promote clarity and for the breath, as sometimes when we feel like there is lots going on...we forget to BREATHE!!
🍊 Wild Orange - is a regular go to, as it is so uplifting to the nervous system, smells so fresh and invigorating, and is the oil of abundance!
🌿 Spikenard - usually used for a sleeping regime as it related to the Valerian family, mixed with these two it settles everything down without it being too sleepy and creates a musky scent too, emotionally Spikenard is the oil of GRATITUDE, as this is something we always bring our awareness to each and every day.

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