🙌🏻 I again was reminded yesterday about the importance of touch. We greeted every person who entered our home with a hug, and same when they left, it’s just a normal thing for us...sometimes though some aren’t used to this contact or touch, but they open their arms to receive & give a hug anyway, because they feel safe.
😍 This tribe of us.....we are all a community of huggers and connectors, and wish to never NOT have this connection in our lives, we live for it.
❤️ A simple touch and hug gives both people a multitude of beautiful benefits, and is especially nice to give for people who are lonely or don’t have anyone to hug them.
😍 This world need more HUGS, I am asking you to reach out and hug someone today, tomorrow and every day.
❤️ We are human BE-ings seeking connection, and without that touch, it can make us feel closed off, detached and saddened. It makes us so sad to hear that some people haven’t had anyone at all touch them in years, so make it your mission to hug someone today!
❤️ Open your heart to receive diffuser blend for today! ♥️♥️
2 drops of Geranium, 2 Spikenard, 3 Juniper Berry, 2 Bergamot

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