With Meditation being an integral part of our everyday life, we choose to start and often end our days with mindfulness practices.

There are many essential oils that support us throughout this process, and here are just some of our favourites ❤️🌸❤️

Frankincense – comes from a beautiful and sacred resin used for centuries with many different ceremonies and religious/meditative practices. We rub a drop on our third eye centre, diffuse a drop in the palms of our hands and take a deep inhalation, and diffuse it when meditating, or resting for a deep connective experience. Also starting our days with 2 drops under the tongue for systemic health support.

Clary Sage – has been used for many centuries as a deepening meditative aid, diffused into the palms of the hands also and inhaled it’s so relaxing to the nervous system and gives us a deeper feeling of calm and peace, plus adding a drop massaged into the third eye area also makes for a beautiful expansive experience whilst meditating.

Cedarwood – on the temples and wrists just a drop, gives us a relaxed and calming feeling all over.

Balance Blend – is a proprietary blend of oils that make us feel grounded, relaxed and calm, a few drops massaged onto the back of the neck and on the soles of the feet is the best way to use it before practice, to really deepen the experience also. Balance Blend already has fractionated coconut oil in it, so it’s ready to go!

Spikenard – is a root from a Himalayan plant related to Valerian. It is still used as an oil to anoint holy people and is widely used as a meditation aid too. We use it combined with a drop of Bergamot on our wrists to have an all over relaxed body feeling, centring and stilling of the mind.

And lastly, a blend of Lavender, Wild Orange and Vetiver oil applied in a roller bottle or in the diffuser is a favourite blend to really wind down the mind and body, allowing us to switch off and connect deeply with the practice of meditation.

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