Travel Oils – Pack Three


Flying & Jet lag

• Balance • Easy Air • Correct X

Easy Air

1 or 2 drops in your hands rub together and breathe in through mouth and nose with your eyes closed • 1 or 2 drops rubbed on your chest assists with breathing, great for when flying • Inhale
to assist with sinus issues and stuffy noses


1 or 2 drops on the back of neck or soles of feet and inhaled • Great for jet lag • To feel more grounded, centred and calm

Correct X Ointment

A small amount goes a long way as a toxic free ointment for anything
***purchase includes a future 25% discount account on all essential oil purchases***

Travel Oils – Pack One (Buy any additional travel packs – buy 2 save $35 – buy 3 save $70)

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