Suppliers for all your cacao creations

So here is a list of all the places I like to gather my supplies from.
Essential oils - Firstly for the purest and highest grade of essential oils and nutritional powders I choose to use in my recipes, I only use dōTERRA and you can get them here at wholesale prices if you select join and save. 
Cacao - Loving Earth are an Australian company that source and sell organic Peruvian cacao powder, butter and beans, also some coconut products and a selection of superfood powders.
Superfood powders - If you want some unusual superfood powders like dragonfruit powder or matcha, head to 
Other ingredients - Weigh n Pay – For all whole foods, unusual ingredients and supplies, they have an online store and send Australia wide
Medicinal mushrooms – I use powders and liquid extracts and feel these two company’s products are of very high quality.
For the powders go to
For the liquid extracts go to - and use cacaoaddict as coupon code to get 10% off your first order.
Supermarkets and health food stores – Most of these places are now stocking a lot of these ingredients too, just be aware to choose organic and of course the quality. You really do get what you pay for! And organic/sustainable practices are just the best.
Tips – As some of these powders can be a little pricey, don’t buy huge tins or jars, start small with a few packets to add to your collection and stock up bit by bit. As you only use a teaspoon or so each time, they do last for ages.
Keep them in the fridge, as over time they will oxidise and cannot be used. I also keep my seeds and nuts refrigerated too for the same reasons.
So start to add a bit of this and a bit of that to your creations, I look at my snacks as nutrient dense, providing energy, wellbeing and life-force! Rather than snacking on empty sugar filled, processed junk food. 
Superfood additions, not only added to sweets, but to yoghurts, cereals, soups and savoury dishes, just add that extra nutrient boost, giving your whole body that fuel it needs for optimal health.
Your body will thank you for it.
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