Spirulina - Have you tried it yet?

🌱 Meet Spirulina my everyday superfood! 

Over the years I have benefitted from ingesting Spirulina (as well as) my daily LLV supplements, they really assist me with energy, mental wellbeing and overall wellness.

😀 It is such a clean amazing protein source, that feels nutritious, a good dose (.50 gm) per tablet and is a complete whole food with multiple benefits. I highly recommend the tablets, as the powder has a very unique algae like taste...which basically is what it is ..BLUE/GREEN ALGAE. Micronutrients all the way! 

❤️ I am a firm believer in that our amazing incredible bodies need good food, the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals to function to its optimum. So these are great to have on hand if you are not near any healthy food options or on the go.

😀 So I wished to share with you some other ingredients that are everyday sources of good protein other than meat!! 

❤️ I’m not vegetarian but do eat small amounts of meat, but there are SO many other options to get your daily healthy dose. 

- Cottage Cheese 

- Almonds and Almond Butter

- Seeds 

- Hemp Seeds and Powder

- Greek Yoghurt

- Bee Pollen

- Chia Seeds

- Oats

- Eggs

- Sprouts

- Beans

Try and source non GMO varieties and anything organic with the official certification. 


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