NOW - is the right time

Trust yourself that NOW is the right time!

Have you ever wanted to start something new and procrastinated on it?

A new diet, an exercise program, a new habit, the human way is often, ah tomorrow I’ll start that or next week, next year.

What is this sabotage behaviour about? and why do we all do it?

  • With change comes friction and opposition, because it’s different to what is safe and known, it’s an unconscious habit of the human condition. 

  • But what if you said YES in that very moment of indecision. What would that look like? How empowering would that be? What would your future decisions look like?

  • Once you state to your mind, your body and your energy that NOW is the time to do this or that thing.....right when you're resisting it, and it’s challenging you, brings about such growth that provides you with that sense of control back in your life.

  • So next time when you find yourself stopping YOU from becoming a greater version of yourself, rather than the same old repeat loop pattern version! 

Watch what happens…it multiplies into other areas and you’ll find yourself saying YES to things you never dreamed of.

Life is but a dream xxx

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