Home schooling support starter pack

Home school support starter pack
The sense of smell has a massive impact on the nervous system and therefore has the ability to manage mood and emotions.
Things like increased focus, calming and relaxing agitated states, support with sleeping and staying asleep, managing feelings of anxiousness and low mood and general emotional regulation.
The 5 oils in this starter pack are all designed and formulated to be a whole system for the range of emotions.
- Adaptiv Blend – Formulated to assist with the reduction of anxious states, focus issues, stress and worry, and adapting to changes.
- Citrus Bliss Blend – A blend of all citrus oils with a hint of pure vanilla, to calm, focus and destress a room or individual. Citrus oils have been shown to drop down cortisol levels therefore work well in stressful situations. 
- Lavender Peace Blend – A blend with oils specifically used for sleeping. Amazing to add a few drops into a bath with some magnesium flakes for rest and deep calm. This blend can also sometimes be used in the daytime if one is highly agitated, either diffused or applied topically.
- Balance Blend – Frankincense oil has long been known and used for a myriad of health benefits, one being to assist with emotional support, which is why this oil is in this blend with other grounding oils. It’s a great blend to apply before bed, before study, in a bath and daily on the back of the neck or along the spine to manage emotional states and keep focused and steady.
- Elevation Blend – A high note blend with very uplifting and mood changing oils within. Diffusing this lifts the energy of the room/house to a calm and happy one. Melissa being one of the oils in this blend is a widely used oil for supporting emotions and moods wonderfully.
- Ultrasonic diffuser – This diffuser runs with normal tap water, is electric and has settings of 2 or 6 hours continuous or 12 hour intermittent, and switches off when empty. Releasing small molecules of essential oil into the atmosphere which are then breathed in.

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$234 AUD Inc Postage - This wholesale starter pack comes with free wholesale membership, that gives you 25% savings on purchases going forward, and access to a private members only group with education and support. 

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