Healing and Forgiveness - Ho'oponopono

Hoʻoponopono is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. The Hawaiian word translates into English simply as correction and is being used more and more in healing, forgiveness and spiritual practices throughout the world.

I've known of this beautiful prayer if you will, for many years, but never really connected with it then, so I wanted to share with you a deeper way to connect with Ho'oponopono like I never knew before until today!

If there is something, someone, some issue that is holding you back, not allowing flow and connection within your life, then you can practice tuning in and reciting the words below.

- I'm sorry
- Please forgive me
- I love you
- Thank you 

But firstly you must connect with where you are feeling this in your body, bring your awareness to this part and then try and really feel into the words and connect with them, repeating for as many times as you want to, until you feel a shift and a change. This maybe instantaneous or make take more time.

So whether it is a block towards money, feel into the body where it is that feels blocked or where the fear resides, then hold a bank note of your choice and repeat the prayer, you may wish to elaborate as to why you are sorry, why you are asking for forgiveness, why you are saying I love you and why you are thankful....and you will feel a shift! 
 (eg - I am sorry money that I have had some sort of weird relationship with you, I believed some silly story long ago, so please forgive me for not knowing how you can help me and move forward, I love you and all the things you can help me and others within my life's journey and I thank you for all the abundance from now on in my life and for all the wonderful energy you bring.

All while reciting to your higher power, universe, god or the like.

Same goes with your business, job, friendships, body image issues, emotional upheavals, illness and disease...you get the point.

May you enjoy your Ho'oponopono journey and please share it with others.

To enhance the healing and shift, I am using a special blend called FORGIVE and Bulgarian Rose over my heart space before reciting the words.

Let's get started!

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Jonas Avelin

23-08-2020 10:49 PM AWST

Thank you, beautiful and powerful prayer. Wish more people knew and used this. Can help heal our world. Thank you. Jonas

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