Inspiration and musings on a term ‘Wound-ology’ I heard recently coined by Caroline Myss, whereby people almost pride themselves on who has the most wounds and live an existence of rehashing them...dredging, paining and dragging them up over and over, instead of healing and moving on.

Why are some of us stuck in our wounding and choose to make it our story?

How come some of us get stuck in the same chapter, the same pain and the same story?

The human journey and psyche is a complex and fascinating one, with going deep into podcasts and recordings from some great speakers, writers and poets lately, it seems this one element is reoccurring.

This one in particular spoke deeply to me, life is all about set backs, they are inevitable, they keep happening over and over to us...it’s actually life! We would be living in denial if we didn’t acknowledge we have them.

This speaker likened it to a wave knocking us over, time and time again. It’s up to you whether you stay down there or get up again.

But the gem within this message from Tim Storey was why do some of us ‘settle’ into the set backs so easily, because he says after a while of settling back into your set backs, you become a discounted version of yourself.

We’ve all been through hell in one way or another, but as Winston Churchill once said “When you go through hell, don’t stop and pitch a tent there”

It’s not about ‘Nursin it, Cursing it and Rehearsing it’ it’s about getting up, reclaiming your power within and standing strong and proud!

My favourite essential oil blend for reclaiming YOU would have to be Frankincense, Patchouli, Bergamot, Wintergreen and Cypress! 

Let's get started!

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