Your bottled water is most likely Acidic!

Did you know that most bottled water you buy and drink is Acidic. Seriously get a cheap PH tester and see for yourself...some more than others!!

💧 I found this out years ago and researched like crazy to find good sources of water, and unless you live near a crystal clear fresh mountain stream, well it can be a bit hard to come by. You can buy awesome filters but they can often be costly and they actually strip everything out of the water anyways. And I cant even go near Australian tap water, ours literally smells like a swimming pool, with all the chemicals that are in it.

💧 Water is LIFE, we all need it to survive, to stay hydrated and to function optimally, so I wished to share with you all a trick that not only tastes amazing, is neutral to almost alkaline in PH, is rich in trace minerals and just feels good to drink.....alive water!

💧 So we do purchase bottled water, as we don't quite live next to that mountain spring YET! So what we do to it to bring it to life is easy as.

Buy a good quality bi carb soda (preferably one that is aluminium free) and some Himalayan salt and all I do is add half a teaspoon of each to the 15 litre water bottle before I put it up on the stand.

The Bi carb will change the PH of the water to neutral almost alkaline state, while the Himalayan salt adds 84 trace minerals into the water.

We are also big believers in Dr Emoto's works on programming water, so we have positive affirmations like I am abundantly healthy, Every cell in my body is well and Love and Light attached to the vessel the bottle sits in. 💜 

So enjoy your new appreciation for this wonder that is water and drink drink drink in the goodness and vitality once more.

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