Why our essential oils are different to any others.

Our co-impact sourcing trip a few years ago in Nepal where dōTERRA source Wintergreen

So....we are often asked why dōTERRA's oils are different, when Lavender is just Lavender right?

Why are yours this price when I can get them from the pharmacy for a few dollars? And what makes your oils different to these I bought online somewhere?

So it's time to state some pretty interesting facts and statistics to put some of these differences to bed.
First and foremost - dōTERRA source their oils from all over the globe, (49 different countries actually) this means they don't just have acres and acres of local USA land which they could grow their own plants in, which would actually make it such an easier and cheaper option if they did, BUT plants matter where they are grown regionally for a variety of reasons like, soil type, rainfall, weather, altitude, chemistry, and so on. 

But the magic of sourcing from all around the globe is that this company works DIRECTLY with the growers and farmers - eliminating the middlemen (which is a common issue with the aromatherapy market), in that mostly the oils are sourced from unknown places, and when that oil actually gets to you, it's usually diluted, fillers and synthetics added & there is no guarantee of the quality, purity and testing of the final product. 

This fairer method (co-impact sourcing) enables the local farmers and growers to be paid a FAIR WAGE and ON TIME, which literally changes their community, their families and the lives of so many people. Plus dōTERRA work with communities to give back with projects like schools, medical centres, fresh water, hospitals, and other wonderful projects.

A recent test carried out by the APRC (Aromatic plant research centre) revealed that 80% of essential oils in the marketplace today were adulterated in some way, with additives, synthetics, perfumes and fillers! 

PURITY - dōTERRA's promise is that every single batch is tested with over 60 different methods!!! Guaranteeing that you are getting the purest and most pristine quality oil.
dōTERRA also have over 30 scientists, studying the chemistry of existing and new essential oils complimenting the body, our emotions and for our wellbeing.

Check out the amazing and comprehensive website for your self to see what innovative methods are used, the quality, the sourcing and the huge giving back this company does.

We seriously would not want to be partnered with anyone else. 

Who else wishes to join us to change up healthcare and be involved in beautifully pure natural solutions?

Shoot us a message and let's get you going on your essential oil journey.

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