Chocolate and the importance of good sourcing


I love the versatility of cacao. It can be used in sweet and savoury dishes, and comes in many different forms. It’s a staple for many cultures around the world and is loved, craved for and even worshipped by many. In Mayan times it was valued as a form of currency, and was used in ceremonies – in pure, high doses it delivers a euphoric effect, as well as heightened awareness and connectedness. The name Theobroma Cacao literally translates to “food of the gods”.
I have been lucky to travel to many places that grow cacao (but not Peru – yet!) and have witnessed their cacao plantations and trees. They are quite a surreal plant: the colours of the pods range from yellows to greens, to reds and oranges and look quite exotic and unusual.
The importance of sourcing good quality cacao for me personally is so essential, as some countries do not do this ethically, sustainably and often children are used as cheap labour with very unfair working conditions. I always choose an organic, ethically-sourced Peruvian cacao.
There are many, many different cacao cultivars out there, but in my experience and opinion, South America, namely Peru, grows the best cacao. Peru’s climate, soil and altitude are so well suited to growing cacao, it really does make a difference to the chemistry and taste. Cacao releases chemicals in the brain like anandamide, serotonin and dopamine, which in turn give you the chocolate buzz feeling. It is also high in magnesium, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, calcium and iron. 
So when combined with superfood powders and food-grade essential oils, it’s a powerhouse snack loaded with many nutrients and health benefits.
These recipes can be enjoyed simply as a delicious experience, or you can delve deep into researching the various ingredients and discover the incredible healing properties that these foods contain. When you can, choose the best possible grade of ingredient available to you. Healing comes not just from the ingredients, but how they are treated and combined, and what energy you put into the food when you make it.

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