The Importance of Resources

Whether you're an essential oil enthusiast or you share oils with others it's so important to have resources at hand so that when you have an issue come up, you can reference it to something as well as your own intuition and gut feeling.

Having a book or app to turn to when you have something physical or emotional pop up that needs support is so comforting and supportive.

A couple of our favourite books are 

This beautiful coffee table style book gives you protocols to use for a huge amount of aliments and also focuses on body systems, women's health, animal care and specific areas as well as some food recipes!

If you want to know how to support an emotion or move through complex feelings or even just understand why a particular oil makes you feel a certain way, this is the book for you!

Especially if you're sharing oils, these tools are imperative as you offer the information to people, they can see the research and background knowledge, and even better be able to help themselves in the future when you're not around.

You can buy these from our shop if you're in Australia Buy HERE

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