Third eye and connection

Before ritual, yoga practice or meditation there are some potent essential oils that deepen the experience and assist with activating the third eye centre.

💧 Here are some of our favourites.

🌸 Clary Sage - This oil has long been used for its qualities to enhance deeper states and inner vision, I love to apply a drop to my finger and rub into the area between the eyebrows right before Meditation or Yoga. Assisting in clearing creative blocks, and increases the ability to imagine new possibilities, trusting your inner knowing and following that guidance.

🌺 Sandalwood - The oil of sacred devotion, also a calming, grounding oil when applied to the third eye centre, brings feelings of peace, centring and connection. Assists with breaking through attachment to fame, wealth and need for acceptance.
Teaching humility and love for divine connection.

🌸 Frankincense - This sacred oil has been used in church service, prayer, meditation and divine connection for thousands of years, I love to also apply a drop to the third eye region before Meditation. Frankincense is known to reveal deception and false truths, bringing you into a space of truth and understanding.

🌺All of these can be diffused as well, perhaps add some Wild Orange, or Bergamot too. Other oils we use regularly to enhance meditative states are Cedarwood, Myrrh, Cypress, Rosemary and Basil

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