The love of mindful and heartful eating

As the old adage says YOU are what you eat...or should it now say YOU are what you ABSORB!

The importance on food, health and the gut has never been so spotlighted as it is now, with us personally leaning in to more conscious eating, choosing organic when we can, and knowing what foods to avoid, or to eat more of. If our gut is out, we tend to not actually absorb nutrients, minerals and vitamins well. which in turn impacts our lives and body systems hugely.

With allergies, intolerances, sensitivities and gut issues on the rise, what does this all mean and why? With experts and research now showing that with the increased use of pesticides on our worldwide food supplies, this is to blame with the weakening of very delicate gut flora we all need to thrive and survive.

This is why regular cleanses are important to our system, eradicating the issues out and replacing the good stuff back in. 

Supplements like Lifelong Vitality, (LLV) Terrazyme, GX assist and PB assist are phenomenal support, whilst oils and blends for digestive support like Digest Zen, Frankincense, Ginger, Tangerine, Fennel and Peppermint are equally beneficial too.

Now we get to foods!! I fully believe life should be all about balance, and we are by no means totally healthy all of the time, we often enjoy a wine and an ice cream too!, BUT we also make sure our diet is rich in superfoods, fruit and vegetables and healthy chocolate "cacao" of course! Plus listening to your body when you feel it's time to cut back on this and that and remembering also to drink plenty of great water to flush everything out well.

Your amazing body is a unique instrument capable of so many wonderful things, so I invite you to choose what you put into it wisely, thoughtfully, mindfully and heartfully, and eat each meal and snack with reverence and respect for this temple we call our bodies. 

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