Blue Tansy CHANGE

⭐️ CHANGE that word we all don't like that much!

But it isn't that bad it?

💜 What is it that we are resisting when it comes to the thought of change? is it the familiarity, the known, the safe? Or that something quite profound may happen that scares us into retreat and safety?

⭐️ Lately there has been so much change that I've just accepted and surrendered to it and learned to go with it, and it's quite an adventure doing so, even though it rattles and freaks you out sometimes.

💜 This little potent bottle of BLUE TANSY (which is a relative of Chamomile) and is BRIGHT BLUE!!! has literally changed the game for me! Initially the smell was quite offensive and unknown to me a few months back, but when I got to know what she was trying to tell me, I literally cannot get enough...the smell has changed completely and I LOVE IT.

⭐️ When you delve into the emotional meaning of Blue Tansy, it speaks of those who are resistant to change and all that it stands for, and works with those who may have become stagnant in their progression in life.

💜 It assists to reclaim the life they dreamed of, and manifest that passion into life once again! And works like a catalytic spark to get shit done!!

⭐️ But purposeful action is required, and then you and your dreams will take off to the heights once again.

💜 Let change be a positive thing, not something you dread, it always has a gift...just try and be open to see it!

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