Sweet Fennel Oil - The Digestive wonder!

🌈 Sweet Fennel Oil - The Digestive wonder!!
🌸 Just last week Sue Lawton was discussing in her class the many benefits of this perhaps less used and known oil.
⭐️ And to me it was like YES, my body and system just tuned in and said this is for ME!
💜 So I have been taking it twice a day (2 drops under my tongue) morning and night, and so many things have improved, like wow.
⭐️ Fennel has long been used as a digestive aid, helps to move on & out unwanted little critters in your digestive tract, and just make your system feel great! Plus assists with nausea, gas, bloating, hormone balancing and increasing breast milk supply too!
🌸 It has a beautiful sweet liquorice taste, and is quite nice to have under the tongue followed by a glass of water.
💜 I also love the emotional meaning of Fennel, it represents Responsibility and it encourages one to take full ownership and responsibility for it's choices.
⭐️ It teaches that life is not too much or too big to handle! Plus supports the individual to listen to the subtle messages from your body! Perfect hey!!!

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