Voltaren and TV Pharma Ad’s

I rarely watch TV, but tonight it's been nice to switch off a bit and relax, BUT it ASTOUNDS me how many Pharmaceutical companies are advertising/brainwashing their products on EVERY ad break. 😡
So.. being not a fan of Voltaren Emulgel in particular because I know how dodgy it is!, I thought I would go onto their website and download their disclosure PDF and thought I would share just the small heading section of their side effects! It goes into great detail of the side effects with each point!
❤️ I will just say there are other ways, and am so glad to have other options.
5.1 Cardiovascular Thrombotic Events �
5.2 Gastrointestinal Effects – Risk of GI Ulceration, Bleeding, and Perforation �
5.3 Hepatic Effects
5.4 Hypertension issues
5.5 Congestive Heart Failure and Edema
5.6 Renal Effects
5.7 Anaphylactoid Reactions
5.8 Skin Reactions
5.9 Pregnancy issues
5.10 Corticosteroid treatment
5.11 Inflammation issues
5.12 Hematological Effects
5.13 Preexisting Asthma issues
5.14 Sun Exposure dangers
5.15 Eye Exposure dangers

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