Copaiba The wonder oil from Brazil!!

We are pleased to also share with you dōTERRA's newly launched Copaiba Softgels!!!

Copaiba oil has traditionally been used in Western Herbal medicine to support general health & wellbeing, urinary tract health and to relieve 
burning sensation upon urination associated with medically diagnosed cystitis

It is also used in traditional Western herbal medicine to clear respiratory tract mucous and reduce bronchial mucous congestion.

Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to :

* Support general health and wellbeing.  
* Clear respiratory tract mucous.
* Reduce or relieve bronchial mucous congestion.
* Relieve burning sensation upon urination associated with medically diagnosed cystitis.
* Support urinary tract health.
* Maintain/support waste elimination via the mucous membranes.

🌿Copaiba works like a Cannabinoid (but without the high like CBD - Cannabis oil), as it interacts with the CB2 receptor sites, it is also cheaper and has more % of Beta Caryophyllene, (dietary cannabinoid found in Copaiba) so is super effective to your nervous system.

💧 It won’t show up in drug tests either, as it is completely legal, and doesn’t contain THC, and is helping so many with management of their discomfort, supporting nerves and their immune system to stay healthy!

⭐️ If you’ve been thinking about trying Cannabis or CDB oil, reach out to us to give this a try first, legal and so effective!

💧 We use it everyday with Frankincense for system support, in moisturising cream for glowing skin, in emotional roller ball recipes to maintain and support mood, and recommend it to anyone who is in need of some relief.

If this sounds like you....message us or head to

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