On the Go

😎 When your out and about, particularly trains, planes, public transport, there are some things that are essential items to have!

😁 The on guard range - Beadlets (oil filled mini bubbles, to pop in your hands as a sanitiser, or to pop in your mouth to stay healthy) the throat lozenges, great when you have a sore throat, or have to keep on trucking #suckitup or the hand sanitiser for germs on the train, and the on guard in a roller bottle already diluted to apply wherever you need to, to boost your immunity and protect you from everyone else’s coughs and splutters around you Smells like Christmas with Cinnamon, Clove, Orange etc.

😁 Lip balm, ointment, hand lotion, when you need that skin nourishment and protection.

😁 Natural insect repellant, without the gas mask! It’s already got fractionated coconut oil in it, so apply straight to skin.

😁 Ice Blue/Deep Blue for those stiff sore muscles or feet after being on them all day.

😁 Digest Zen roller bottle in case you’ve had too much of a good time at the buffet, or have some nausea and travel sickness. (Great for sinus pressure too)

😁 And the cutest little mini travel kit of 8 - 2ml bottles, so you can take your favourites with you! Just tap the base and out comes about 1/2 a drop.

If you are wishing to start your dōTERRA journey with us, message us or go to our site we’d love to have you with us ♥️♥️

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