Essential Oils for Sleep

Sleep is the most discussed topic in the classes we run, if we aren't getting enough sleep, our functionality throughout our days and lives is limited and can make us feel out of sorts, tired and grumpy!

Here are some of our most recommended oils for good sleep!

🌙 Vetiver - is our NUMBER ONE potent oil for deep sleep, relaxation and calm, we nickname him "Horse Tranquilliser" It comes from a grass root from Haiti. A drop on the wrists before bed, or a few drops in the diffuser and you're out! zzz

🌙 Lavender Peace/Serenity Blend - A sweet and amazing blend of many oils to relax and unwind your mind and body, with Lavender, Chamomile, Ylang, Ylang, Marjoram and others. Diffused, a drop or 2 in a bath or spritzed onto your bed linen before bed.

🌙 Cedarwood - An earthy, yummy deep scent that drifts us off to sleep when combined with Wild Orange & Lavender in the diffuser.

🌙 Juniper Berry - This oil combined with Lavender & Cedarwood or even just on it's own, relaxes the mind and body and sends us off in no time. It is often used for people who have issues with fears around darkness, sleep and rest and helps chill out the restless mind and to not feel overwhelmed too :)

🌙 Frankincense & Bergamot - These two together are probably one of our favourites, they smell just incredible and everything just melts away in minutes. For people who have anxious feelings, not feeling settled, and general uneasiness, we recommend these two anytime.

Spritzed onto the sheets, diffused or made into a roller ball with some coconut oil to use throughout the day. (Bergamot though is quite sun sensitive, so avoid exposing the skin where you've applied it to for hours afterwards...or just roll it where the sun don't shine!) :)

Please shout out if you have any questions, or you want to get some of these oils in your life like us! Follow the pinned post at the top of this shantistar page and follow the prompts, or go to

May your sleep be amazing!

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