Adrenal Support Protocol

😇 Adrenal Support Protocol

🤪 Feeling a tad under the pump at the moment!!

⭐️ Our Adrenal glands are such hard little workers, but if we dont stop and take care of them, stress and excessive work load can take it's toll with cortisol levels getting out of control, leading to immune system issues and fatigue quickly setting in!

🧡 We just LOVE these two blends of Balance and Aromatouch to support our body in such times of stress and overload.

⭐️ Basil is one of many oils in the Aromatouch Blend, and works directly with the adrenals to give support emotionally and physically. Plus Cypress, Marjoram, Grapefruit, Peppermint and Lavender.

🧡 Frankincense is also one of many oils in the Balance Blend, Frankie is basically a tonic to the cells, assisting in regeneration and rejuvenation, plus other oils of Blue Tansy, Spruce, Ho Wood and Osmanthus....and it's already suspended in fractionated coconut oil which makes this trick so easy and convenient!!

⭐️ So all you do is apply 3 drops of Balance Blend to your palm and add 2 drops of Aromatouch Blend. Rub both hands together and then apply and massage to your kidney and adrenals area.
Also to the soles of the feet and take a bit of time out, read a book, lie down, breathe and meditate!

🧡 Tip: Roll your shirt or top up first for easy access.

⭐️ These also go beautifully in the diffuser too, just add in a few drops of each to your liking.

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