Love your Gut

<3 Love your Gut <3

Did you know that most of your body's Serotonin (95%) is created in your gut!!!
Here are our 5 tips for healthy guts with dōTERRA's pure oils and supplements.

:) A blend called DIGEST ZEN a few drops massaged onto your belly if your feeling bloated, queasy, or unsettled. Soothes in NO time! Also 1-2 drops can be added into a glass of water and drink it down. Settles a tummy quickly.

:) Peppermint Oil - Good old Peppermint oil, a lot of hospitals and medical centres have been using Peppermint oil for stomach issues for quite some time now as a natural soother. 1-2 drops with some carrier oil rubbed onto the area, or 1-2 drops in a glass of water! But be mindful...she packs a punch, so you may be better to start with just ONE DROP :P

:) Lifelong Vitality Supplements - The most wholesome, amazing supplements we have ever taken, assists and supports the gut and body to be in a healthy state, just good for all over health and wellbeing, essential vitamins and minerals (whole foods sourced, not synthetic!!)

:) PB Assist (Pro-biotics) These things are literally space age looking. They are double encapsulated so as the beneficial goodness of all the probiotics reach your lower intestinal tract where they are released! Also available is PB Assist Jnr - A mini sachet with sherbet like probiotics for kids and whilst on the go. :) Love these <3

:) Ginger Oil A long time favourite digestive aid, dōTERRA source their Ginger from Madagascar and is such a purity that you can add a drop or 2 into a Kombucha tea, or into a glass of water, or diluted with carrier oil over the belly for digestive support. Be mindful of Ginger also, it's strong like Peppermint!

<3 Some other things we recommend to compliment are, plenty of good drinking water, exercise, sleep, fermented foods, alkaline foods, decrease sugar intake..everything in BALANCE.

*We love that we can manage our health needs when we need to, by simply turning to our box of tricks, whilst supporting us naturally, no side effects, no waiting rooms, no drama.
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