Essential Oils for Head Tension

🤯 Pressure, tension, stress all stack up and can cause some nasty head tension at times. Being a headache sufferer, I’ve learned to balance using oils as a preventative, and these work a treat!

💧 Peppermint Oil - Rub a drop on your temples and on the back of your neck. Make sure it doesn’t go into your eyes, if so rinse with milk or carrier oil and the stinging will ease.

💧 Peppermint also can be used on the roof of your mouth, one drop on your thumb and press for approx 6-10 seconds.

💧 Lavender Oil - Same trick as Peppermint a drop on the temples and massage in, plus try a drop of Peppermint and Lavender and massage your big toes, as this relates to your brain and head in reflexology.
(Effective sleep trick with Vetiver!)

💧 Past Tense Blend - This roller was one of my early dōTERRA Aha moments, I find rolling this on the back of my neck after a really busy day, or if I haven’t had enough sleep, it gives your skin a cooling sensation, which is the oils of Wintergreen and Peppermint (plus others) thinning the blood and taking all that pressure back to normal.

💧 Frankincense Oil - One drop on the thumb and press onto the roof of the mouth also like Peppermint, it helps to reduce the inflammation and pressure of what head tension brings.

💧 I also recommend drinking lots of water, if you have reoccurring frequent ones, suggest seeing a Bowen therapist for readjustments as it could be something out.

😁 Happy discovering what works for you.

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