Diffusers vs Burners

😳 So what really is the deal with oil burners and these new things called diffusers? Is there really a difference? YES
🔥 I joke about saying that I think I was given one of these oil burners as a gift each year for Christmas, as that was the thing to use for Essential Oils back then. But as research shows there really is a HUGE difference and many reasons why we choose diffusers now.
⭐️ Heat plays a big part in maintaining the therapeutic quality of essential oils, and basically slowly boiling them to death in an oil burner, minimises the goodness getting to you.
💨 As opposed to burners, they don’t need heat and hot water to release the smell and minute particles of oil, they instead produce a heat less vapour that carries particles of essential oil molecules straight to you and your lungs....with all the goodness in tact!
💧 They work literally right away! And you can clearly smell and see it that quickly.
💧 Fill with normal tap water, and add drops of essential oil and switch on. BAM!! whatever you have added in, is instantly dispersed throughout the room and your home.
💧 I remember watching the pools of combined oils I used to add to my old oil burners slowly burn onto the side of the dish and scorch into the burner vessel, and I was lucky to catch a waft of oil smell unless I was right over the thing!
💧 To clean them, simply wipe out with a paper towel after each use, or every few uses, then add a splash of white vinegar with some water and let it run for a few minutes to clean the vapour mechanism....and it’s as good as new.
💧 We recommend the Petal and Lumo Diffusers dōTERRA sell...we have heaps through our house. ♥️

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