Lurgies - Nasties - Bugs - Snotties - Germs - Meet On Guard

Lurgies - Nasties - Bugs - Snotties - Germs - Meet On Guard!!

❤️ I reckon this was the first "AHA" moment I had with dōTERRA, when this blend actually worked. I used to work in the disability field and unfortunately would get colds, flu's and bugs galore, and therefore my immune system was suffering.

❤️ With taking 1-2 drops of this stuff in a glass of water, stirring it and then gargling and swallowing every few hours, it truly shortened the time of feeling blah, made that scratchiness go, and had me bouncing back in such a short time, compared to bouts in bed, or time off work. (This is one of the food grade ingest-able oils in dōTERRA's range)

❤️ Also diffusing this blend with some other powerhouse oils like Tea Tree, Oregano, and Frankincense, my immune system is now SO much stronger. I use it as a preventer too if I'm around people who are sick, just to keep me well.

❤️ It's got a beautiful spicy smell, a bit like Christmas! Cloves, Cinnamon, Orange just to name a few! :)

❤️ Adding a few drops to your mop bucket, or to your spray bottle for non toxic cleaning is all I use now, and it WORKS!!!

❤️ Another neat trick I tell everyone is to do that above recipe with just a few drops of fractionated coconut oil and regularly apply them to the soles of the FEET! Then rest and drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins.

😃 This little wonder is in the Home Essentials kit or even the Family Essentials kit, and is your number 1 go to for Immunity!

Let's get started!

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