Myrrh Hand & Nail Lotion

💧 Myrrh! - Not a very common oil, but an essential to have that's for sure, she packs a punch with anything respiratory that just won't GO!
💜 So also terrific for skin health, nail health and overall gum health...That's why it's an oil in the On Guard toothpaste.
💧 Myrrh is a beautiful soothing resin from Africa, that has been used for centuries a lot like Frankincense to aid in meditation and mindful practices.
💜 So dōTERRA do this fab scentless hand cream, so you can add whichever oil you like to create your own lotions and potions!!
💧Emotionally she stands for connection to Mother Earth and our own mothers, and can aid in the reconnection of lost and pained relationships bringing love and peace back to that.
💜 Add a drop of Myrrh to a blob of hand cream to improve nail health.

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