Juniper Berry - The Oil of the NIGHT

💜 Juniper Berry - The Oil of the NIGHT 🌙
🌲 This little known oil is actually sourced from the cypress family, and is commonly used in gin production. 🍸
💧 We ALWAYS recommend this little wonder to anyone who is experiencing bad sleep, overwhelm, panic, and any unknown fears.
🌲 A trick we learned a while back is when you are feeling like there is just too much going on, or dont know where to start because fear has a grip on you, crack that lid and apply a drop onto your finger and swipe it across your top lip (just above it...where your Moe would be!) and take 3 DEEP BREATHS!
❤️ We have seen it take people from overwhelm and panic, to calm and into their light once again quickly! It's very effective and smells divine too.
💧 It is also really helpful to use when working with kidney detox, as it supports cleansing really well. This also includes urinary health issues. Apply a few drops with fractionated coconut oil over the kidney region a few times a day and drink plenty of water, to assist with the flushing process.
🌲 This oil Emotionally is known as the oil of the NIGHT!
She beautifully assists anyone who is experiencing night terrors and bad sleep patterns, and irrational fears.
💧 A few great diffuser recipes for a good night's sleep using beloved Juniper...
❤️ 2 drops Juniper Berry, 2 Lavender, 3 Easy Air/Breathe
❤️ 2 drops Juniper Berry, 1 Ylang Ylang, 3 Frankincense
❤️ 2 drops of Cedar wood, 2 Juniper Berry, 3 Lavender
❤️ 2 Lavender Peace/Serenity, 3 Juniper, 2 Frankincense
You can also add 1 drop of Wild Orange to any of these combinations to give them a citrus twist too 😀
Enjoy getting to know Juniper xxx

Let's get started!

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