Cheats Way of blending FCO Roller

🦋 Don’t get me wrong, I love to make up Roller bottles...but after a while you end up with a collection of them and my drawer gets a bit cluttered.
💙 I still have my die hard ones for immunity, Calm and Peace, Sleep...but sometimes I don’t want to make up a whole new one if I feel like a particular oil one day and then not the next!
💧 So I came up with this idea!
💙 Fill an old (or new) roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil and that way it can fit in your essential oil box too.
💧 Then when you come to your oil collection of a morning and decide which oil or oils you MUST have on that day, I simply spot a section of fractionated oil on my wrist and apply the essential oils of choice onto the area and distribute them that way.
💙 If I’m feeling particularly drawn to a lot some days, I am a Gemini so that’s often, I apply a strip up my forearm and then drop several different oils in the coconut oil strip and then rub them all in. Genius right?
💧 Enjoy 😎😎😎

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