Cleaning without the Gas Mask

😷 Cleaning without the gas mask!
🀒 Honestly I can't go down the cleaning chemicals aisle anymore at the shopping centre, or it's one big breath, hold it and walk fast to get by it.
πŸ˜€ We have turfed out all the harsh chemicals and crappy sprays we had in our cupboards and replaced everything with many of these options.
🌷IT'S ACTUALLY SO EASY! Plus it is effective and they work.
⭐️ Reducing the toxic load, not only in your body, but in your home too, is such a rewarding process.
🌷 We are healing ourselves by not being exposed to those chemicals and hormone disrupting products, plus helping our beautiful Mother Earth to breathe a little better too!!
⭐️ There are SO many options, potions and little brews you can all make by simply adding in some of the oils pictured to your spray bottles or mop buckets.
🌷 Add in vinegar or bi carb to some of the potions too and you've got yourself cheap, toxic free cleaning supplies that make your house smell amazing.
⭐️ Plus when you are walking on your tiles or floors you aren't absorbing any harsh chemicals like bleach anymore, just plant essences that are super cleansing and blast away any unwanted yukkies.

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