Essential Oils to assist with Meditation

ॐ Essential Oils to assist with Meditation, Zen-out, Chillax ॐ

As our beautiful minds get busy with processing thoughts continuously, it's really important to put the pause button on these each day, as without proper rest and down time, we can become overloaded, fatigued and tired, and detach from that divine connection. <3
So thought I'd share some of our favourite go to oils for meditation practice.

ॐ FRANKINCENSE - The king of oils, long been used throughout the ages for spiritual connection, ritual and worship, we love to place a drop into the palms of the hands and take some deep inhalations before meditation. Also we start our days with 2 drops under the tongue for systemic support of our bodies and minds.

ॐ SPIKENARD - This Himalayan root, related to Valerian root, has a deep earthy smell and is still used in ceremonies to anoint the holy, it is said to be the oil that Mary Magdalene anointed Jesus's feet with. It has such a calming, rich scent when applied to the wrists, or onto the heart centre before meditation. Also diffused with Bergamot and Lavender is divine for floating away.

ॐ CLARY SAGE - This oil is for deep calming and to assist with strengthening connection and your intuition when applied to the third eye chakra (between the eyebrows) It's latin name translates to Clear Eyes, so has been used for centuries to assist with opening up to clear thinking, deep meditation and relaxation. (it is to be avoided for pregnant women, as it is a major hormone balancer and is often used to induce labour!) Unless you want baby out if it's over time!!! :)

ॐ BALANCE BLEND - A blend with Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Spruce and Ho Wood, which is already diluted in fractionated coconut oil, so it's ready to apply straight to the back of the neck, wrists or soles of the feet before practice. It's designed to be a grounding blend, calming and relaxing the mind. Is awesome to soothe anxious feelings, before Yoga practice too is great!

ॐ CEDARWOOD - A musky, earthy smelling oil, combining this with Juniper Berry, Wild Orange and Frankincense in the diffuser or into a roller bottle with carrier oil and applied topically, brings your mind into relax and chill quickly. It's also an awesome addition for sleeping, turning the busy mind off and to calm anxious feelings.

ॐ VETIVER - Aka - The Horse Tranquilliser !! He is a deep earthy root from Haiti that is called a tranquilliser in aromatherapy terms, he is like smooth honey in consistency, and when applied to the body, temples, third eye or wrists, within minutes a deep feeling of calm washes over you and relaxes the mind ready for switching off and deep connection time.

ॐ LAVENDER PEACE/SERENITY Blend - This is a blend with Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Vanilla and others specially blended already to relax, calm and soothe a busy mind and for people who have trouble sleeping and switching off! Applied to the wrists or over the heart centre and diffused, it's aroma drifts you off to assist with deep practice and chill time.

ॐ All of these suggested oils are also great for supporting emotions, mood and overall feelings of anxiousness too.
So dont be afraid to experiment with blending, trying and working out what oils are right for you, as we are all SO different, different oils do different things to everyone, so keep trying other ones and alternate them. When you start to play with the plant kingdom and these oils, it supports you to deeper levels of connection with a healthy Mind, Body and Spirit

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