Natural Deodorants Made Easy

💙 Natural deodorants made easy!
😳 I don’t know about you but I really am repulsed by the commercial deodorants out there, the chemicals, aluminium and toxic fragrances that are in them is astounding and can be very detrimental to your health as well.
😱 I got tired of buying these years ago and now all I use is a simple concoction that usually consists of some of these pictured, as I like to change it up sometimes.
💙 The pictured liquid crystal deodorant is the best one I’ve found because of the size of the molecules (they have a natural aluminium component that doesn’t penetrate the pores) whereas other brands still do your research or try and find this one.
⭐️ Always I include drops of Bergamot or Lime as that’s a natural odour eliminator, and all the other oils act as my scent and fragrance that I may choose!
💙 So simply all you do is.....
⭐️Purchase a glass spray bottle, fill the bottle almost to the top with the liquid crystal deodorant, choose your oils and off you go.
💙 In this bottle I have put a total of 30 drops in (all oils combined) but with blends like Lavender Peace/Serenity or even Whisper, as they are quite concentrated and already a blend, I would add less...try and see!
⭐️ No toxins, no hormone/endocrine disrupting chemicals and you will smell absolutely irresistible ♥️♥️♥️

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