Your Thoughts are Manifesting (Jasmine, Rose, Neroli)

Your thoughts are manifesting into form. <3
If you were lucky enough to receive these 3 new touch oils, I'm going to show you an amazing way to boost your moisturising regime, plus learn a little about angel numbers and self love rituals too.
With the simple action of taking all 3 lids off the touch rollers, roll the number 1 1 1 with each of the oils along your palm.
Then add a dab of your daily moisturiser and blend all oils together and apply to your face and de'colletage.
With the intention of the sacred Angel Numbers of 111 - reminding us to keep our thoughts positive because they are manifesting instantly into form. Focus ONLY upon your desires and not your fears!
Jasmine represents sexual purity and balance, Rose is the oil of divine love and Neroli is the oil of shared purpose and partnership. So when you are looking deeply into your eyes, and honouring your face, neck and body, take some time to connect and feel those virtues!
Have fun and love yourself <3 <3 <3

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