The BIG GUNS Throat Spray

⭐️ When you feel that tickle coming on?? We call in the big guns!

💓 The combination of these super essential oils, helps smash anything you have starting un-toward in your throat.
⭐️ Singers and speakers this is also an awesome spray to keep everything working well, when you’re feel a little compromised.
💓 So....what is the deal with each of these oils?
💧 On Guard - helps blitz bacteria and lurgies! Plus boosts your immune system amazingly.
💧 Oregano - one of the most phenomenally powerful oils to have around to also zap bigger nastier lurgies and bugs!!
💧 Frankincense - helps support a healthy immune system and boosts overall cell health.
💧 Myrrh - a wonderful oil that supports respiratory systems and kicks long lasting coughs and niggling tickles.
💧 Tea Tree/Melaleuca- a powerful antiseptic oil that keeps everything undesirable away.
💧 Lemon - a soothing yet potent companion to maintain good throat health.
⭐️ you want to make this yourself?
💓 Simply add 5 drops of each oil to a 30ml spritzer bottle and add water...then shake well and just spray into your mouth and throat several times throughout the day, when you feel the need.
⭐️ I am a singer and have found this to work and support my throat so well when it needs that extra loving, or when I have that razor blade feeling coming on...BAM

Let's get started!

Wellness Advocate

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