Torn Between Two Countries

Italy versus Australia

Living between two countries is both exciting, painful, amazing, enjoyable and comes with lots of challenges.

For the last 2 years, we have been blessed with spending half the year in Italy and half in Australia! We love both places although find it more and more difficult to leave Italy each time! We're very lucky to have many friends and family in Australia and to be making so many new friends in Italy as well as family, that are welcoming us into their lives and helping us to get to know and experience all the diversity and beauty that is Italy. 

Let's chat about Australia first, with its clean and amazing beaches, usually mild weather and clean fresh air. Although even on the first day of spring in Western Australia it looks a bit like we've never had a drop of rain for years with the grass looking brown and crispy. There are no mountains in Western Australia at all! Where the systems work (well most of the time). Clean modern buildings, because everything is so young compared to Europe. 

We have an amazing house with a beautiful garden and all the comforts of home.

Now Italy which has stolen our hearts, where we live overlooking Lake Como and have our breath taken away non stop with the changing of views moment by moment as the water, clouds and mountains are just so beautiful!

Unfortunately, so many systems are broken in Italy which makes getting the smallest things done into a frustrating and difficult experience! Even with this the food, the culture, the style, the wine and the history is overwhelmingly spectacular!  

Lots of Italian's we meet say to us why would you come here, nothing works, everything is old and broken but all we can say to them is we love it and can handle the painful bits for all of the beauty! 
We are so lucky to have found dōTERRA and having a worldwide team that we support, with how to use the products and the ability to mentor anyone interested in partnering with us to create a business or freedom like we have manifested. With the wonders of technology, we can zoom, WhatsApp or skype so we feel like we're in the same space as the person we're working with. If you've wondered what all the fuss is about the oils and need help with your moods, emotions, something physical or are interested in knowing more about how we can help you to create freedom and expansion, fill in the contact form below to book in a call.  

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