dōTERRA membership advantages

So what does it all mean to have a wholesale account or membership with dōTERRA?

✪ We all love a bargain, to save money where we can and to have access to wholesale prices on products and the best oils. So we really feel that starting your own account is the most sensible thing to do. 

✪ The most cost effective way is to start with an enrolment kit, there are many to choose from and they give you the biggest savings plus postage, and the membership fee of $35 is waived! 
The kits are HERE to have a look at.  

✪ If you wish to just start with a few oils though, then you can choose to pay the $35 and choose your own oils at wholesale prices, plus postage.

✪ Firstly you get US as your guides and support 😁and we offer a 1 on 1 wellness consult/overview once you have your oils.

✪ So there is no obligation to sell it, you don't have to be a rep and meet targets, sell products etc etc, only if you choose to! We have many many customers who just love the product so much and want to diffuse oils in their homes, use the products or live a healthier lifestyle, so relax about that one.

✪ Next we pride ourselves on providing education and guidance on how to get the best out of your oil collection, so we provide FREE online training course, (15-20 mins per day of info and education) and access to a private facebook group whereby you can ask questions, receive information, ideas and recipes in a safe and secure space. 

✪ You have access to a wonderful optional monthly program called LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) which gives you points back for spending. Every 3 months if you spend 50 points or more, your kitty goes up by 5% increments until you finally remain at 30% back....So each order you do, you receive a % back in points that goes into a pot to use whenever you like. They also have a free product of the month for orders of 125 shipped before the 15th of each month, and each month it's something different!

Plus postage is even paid back in free points to add into the pot. They really are a very generous company.

✪ Regardless whether or not you choose to order monthly or periodically, you ALWAYS receive it at wholesale prices, so 25% less than retail!

✪ To end you aren't just joining any old company, dōTERRA pride themselves on being innovative, sustainable, and very conscious in their methods, from sourcing, growing and partnering with communities all over the globe. They actually source their plant material from 49 different countries worldwide, giving back to the community with direct farmer/grower relations. So no middle men at all...fair pay, fair conditions and many jobs in communities = Changing lives!

Check out this BLOG post on why dōTERRA is different and WHY we chose to partner with them. 

So if this sounds good to you, send us a message, or complete the form and we will be in touch. Or you can do it online yourself by going to

Let's get started!

Wellness Advocate

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