Ok this is a BIG one!

Why do we see others do it, or why do we find ourselves doing it??

Often we see people desperate for change or are asking for help with their life's situation and seem to not have anywhere else to turn, as it's that bad...So you offer advice, perhaps solutions and a listening ear.

But that realisation that "I actually have the power to turn things around and change this current situation" can be scary and unknown, so no I don't wish to change that, as it's comfortable and known to me. So they don't do a thing about it...

Facing these HUGE blocks to change, even though deep down you know that it is possibly going to liberate you and make a big difference to your situation, it's still unknown and frightening, so you resist it, and stay in that space of unhappiness.

⭐️ FOUR Potent essential oils that mean business for this Sabotage behaviour. If you want to see some pretty big changes emotionally, then these 4 are pretty high on the list.

🦋 ARBORVITAE - This tree oil (Western Red Cedar) speaks to individuals who are moving through blocks like everything is a struggle and all progress must be made with doing everything on my own and it's all too hard. It reminds you to take a deep breath and trust in the flow of life, letting you know what to hold onto and what to release. And trusting in the divine plan to be, that it shall be.

🦋 BLACK PEPPER - This oil helps to unmask the facades used to hide aspects of ourselves. It helps to prepare individuals to dig deep and get real about the less understood parts of ourselves. The more those feelings are pushed down and repressed the more they seek to make themselves known. It helps with the healing process to overcome challenges of self sabotage, helping to live with integrity.

🦋 OREGANO - This oil don't mess around!! It helps to remove blocks, clears negativity and negative attachments. It helps to break through toxic attachments to whatever it may be, that is hindering you from progress and growth. And teaches non attachment so well.

🦋 CORIANDER - This oil represents Integrity with oneself! And works wonders from moving one from doing things for the acceptance of others to honouring and living from the true self. Coriander gives courage to step out of the box and risk being who you really are! Your TRUE self.

Trying each or all of these oils perhaps aromatically on your body each morning, or diffusing them through the day, to assist in breaking through these behaviours of sabotage that are inhibiting your brilliance from emerging!

So you only have one life to live, and YOU alone have the choice to make it a better one.

#endselfsabotage #makeadifference #loveyourself

Let's get started!

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